• Bloomer Park, Rochester Hills, MI

  • Racing the Provincial's Crit 2014

  • Forest City Velodrome - London, ON

  • Larkenville Challenge, Buffalo, NY

  • Winning the Sprint at the ForestCity Velodrome

  • Track Nationals 2014: Keirin

  • Track Nationals 2014: Points Race

  • OCUP #1: Feb 2015


We will stay in rented houses in Limoux and Bouriege. The house in Limoux can sleep seven in individual rooms and the house in Bouriege can sleep five individuals (or three couples). The accomodations have private rooms, but you will share the common areas such as the livingroom, kitchen, and bathrooms.

The first house is 21 rue des Oules, Limoux and is designed with cyclists in mind. It has 7 rooms each with a Ikea style single bed, desk, lamp. One room has an Ikea style double bed which will go to the first person booking into this house. There are two bathooms which we share. It has a full kitchen with two fridges.  Bikes hang in the kitchen on the wall. If you like the idea is being at the town square in the afternoons, you will want to stay here. The town square is just outside its door. This house is best suited for those that like to be out in the town square soaking up the atmosphere.

The house in Bouriege isn't specifically for cyclists, but it has lots of common space, a heated pool, a huge commercial style kitchen, a BBQ's, patio above the pool, and patio across the street. So, there is space to work on your tan after a ride or just spend some alone time. Each of the rooms has a large double bed. There are two large bathrooms. If you have been to Limoux before, I suggest staying here. The beds are bigger and there is more space. However, while there is a cafe in town, (literally beside the house), it's 12km outside of Limoux. So, you will a ride to/from town in the tour's van or you can hop on your bike into town. This house is best suited to those who need a little down time after a ride or prefer better accomodation.

Those staying in Limoux will be able to use the pool at the house in Bouriege.
All houses have a large livingrooms with TV and free WIFI. The house in Bouriege has several common areas. The tour is always available to watch in the afternoon on TV or a local cafe/pub in Limoux. Everything in Limoux is in walking distance. There is a Walmart style store a 30min walk/10min ride/short drive on the edge of Limoux. Food is either bought locally and made in the kitchen, or a short walk to places in the town square for things like fine french food to American style fries. If you want to hang out in a place where no one speaks French, the local Irish Pub has Guinness on tap.
In Bouriege, there is a small cafe that can make small meals, coffee, etc.. However, anything else requires a trip to Limoux.
Can I bring my spouse/significant other? If you would bring them on your usual club ride, and they keep up with you, then please do bring them. You must stay in the Bouriege house because this house can accomodate couples and the house in Limoux only has single beds. 

Rather than spend time typing a blog, I decided to vlog. While this is somewhat of an experiment, the one take grabbed most of what I wanted to say.

The one thing I learned on Monday was one needs to train using efforts of unknown durations in order to test the "mental cliff" - that point in an all out effort where you just want to quit, but have to keep going. I think we spend too much time working out to a clock or racing to the lap counter and need to train more with all out efforts with unknown distance.

[Warning: I failed spelling in grade school]

When heading out to London, ON on Friday night, I got a bit nervous. Odd, considering I've done that drive now 1-3 times per week for the last four years. I set track provincials this year as my only "A" race. Everything else I did this year was more about skills than winning. I like racing the track and winning in London would be something special. Since I never do well under pressure, so told myself racing this weekend was all about training. It didn't matter what the outcome was. I mean, I've been racing the track in International Velodrome at Bloomer Park in Michigan for most of August and two weeks ago spend the day racing the track in Cleveland, OH. So, unlike last year when I came to track provincials with no experience at track time trials and hadn't riden a track bike in months, I did a few TT events this year and raced many points and scratch races. I even raced the A group at Bloomer Park and the CAT1/2/3 (A group) races in Cleveland with some good results. But, the Forest City Velodrome always adds a new element to track racing because the 138m track has really tight corners.

So, while I was able to calm myself down, racing on Friday didn't happen for me. I failed to place in the 500m event and I did some stupid things, for example, like hammer on the front of the pack, chase guys down, etc. in the 70 lap points race. Further, I actually was the very first guy off on the 500m event for the weekend: something I hope never happens again. So, I left Friday evening with no medals and no podiums.


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