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The other day I was driving to York University for my class. While driving near the entrance of the parking lot, I happened upon a cyclist riding a mountain bike. I remember him because he was in full riding gear and had clip-less pedals. He also outfitted his bike with high powered lights on the front and the back. It was 6:12PM and it was not yet dark out and not even near dusk. In fact, had I been out riding I doubt I would have had my lights on already. However, this cyclist did have his lights on and because he did I saw him from 500m away when approaching him and 500m away when I passed him. All the cars had running day lights which made them stand out. The experience pointed out the importance of having proper lighting on the bike and why is it a good idea to turn them on well before dusk. Because this cyclist had his lights on, he could be seen as well as any of the cars on the road. Next time I'm out riding a hour before dusk, my lights will be on.

Yesterday, I went into the office. Not a hour after being there did the sneezing start and then later in the day, the nose decided to do more cardio than I've done in three months (ie. nose was running). 

Fast forward to the evening; when watching Lie to Me, an ad from our Gov't came on warning us of the pandemic and suggest we:

- use hand sanitizer 
- disinfect surfaces 
- sneeze into our sleeve.

Can the people that created the commercial really be that stupid? The flu is a virus which is not affect by bacterial agents (disinfectants). Sneezing regardless of how one covers up, would eject the flu virus (assuming one is around during the contagious stage), into the air. Sleeve or hand - why does it matter? You are passing the virus to someone else regardless - I suppose the sneeze lowers the risk of contagion, but still....

The commercials are a waste of tax payers money...and are spending false information. They are not raising awareness, but spreading panic.


I went out with the club in Sat, Sept. 26 for a group ride with the club. Jay, rides with a camera mounted on his helmet and he documented the ride. See the link below.

D'Ornellas Cycling Club Group Ride (Saturday 26 September 2009) from Jay M on Vimeo.


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