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Ron, a friend that I attribute putting the idea of racing a bike into my head, and I have been chatting about riding and performance on and off the bike. The topic of diet came up and he offered the following thoughts (edited for clarity). I thought they would interest others because they do apply to anyone interested in competitive cycling (or any sport for that matter). Ron is an avid biker (mountain and road) and skier.


I wanted to cover the basics of DIET which really is more than the food you eat.
In general I was surprised that your Garmin 705 calorie metre suggested almost double my estimate of calories burned for our last ride *but* my estimate of calories burned was based on another measure. My estimate was a rudimentary form that is scaled to my body type and weight.    

In this months Bicycling Magazine is an excellent article on the rights of passage of a cyclist. While I'm only being cycling with any seriousness for about a year, a lot of the items in the article ring true.

Here are some of the ones I have started to know:

02. You go from one pair of shorts to a dedicated drawerful.

07. Discovering how a convenience-store Coke can resurrect the dead.

08. Starting and finishing a ride—the same one—in pouring rain.

14. You’re on the bike for the fifth straight day, and your butt doesn’t hurt.

There are many other rights of passage that ring so true, but I think the best one comes from the comments section of the article on the website (from kp4155):

- Purchasing your first road bike and realizing your hybrid wasn’t as fast as you thought

- Staring at a new bike. Wishing you could afford the latest carbon technology

- Finishing a century and wanting to ride even further

- Not feeling embarrassed wearing cycling shorts

That was me last year. Hybrid bike, fat guy XXXL cycling shorts that I liked to wear when riding (BTW, those are now way too big), and getting to ride a century and liking it. Of course, I jumped the gun and bought the latest carbon technology.

Got out of bed as normal to get the Saturday group ride. It was a chilly start to the day. Went outside and felt like 5C. Checked the temperature and it was 7C. It still felt cold out, so I dressed for cold. When I got to the bike shop, I was too warm and had to strip off the arm warmers and switch gloves. The group decided to cut the ride short today. I was glad because I just don't have the legs for a longer hard ride. After spending 2.5 weeks in the hospital and 2 months sitting around, I lot most of my gained fitness. Of course, my right leg is still weak and therefore I can't push up the hills like I was used to. Before I crashed, I managed to push out some 1300W on a short sprint. Now, I can barely squeeze out 700W and that has the left leg doing most of the work. Hills are another matter. Once the grade gets up to 6-7%, I can no longer stand. The left leg is forced to get the pedal round.

Today was mostly a flat course, but the group decided to push the speed up a notch. The average speed for the ride was 28km/h, but it seemed to be closer to 35km/h for most of the ride. I managed to keep up until mid-right when the hills because too much. But the pack slowed somewhat and I managed to hang off the back. However, when the ride was near the end, I got dropped. I could not get up the bridge over the 407 at Kennedy and stick with the group, so I gave up and rode home alone.

The ride data is here.

Of course, the day was not a loss. I pickup myself up when I got home and went to the bike shop to get parts for the new used bike. I picked up a Scott CX Team Cyclocross bike from Craigslist and need to get pedals and things for it. I did that. Came home. Installed the parts. Dragged my daughter off the dentist on her bike and we rode 15km together to the dentist, Costco, and then to dinner. At some point in her life, she will pickup cycling. She seems to have the legs for it.



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