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Details: Category: Cycling | Published: 18 May 2012 | Created: 26 November 2014 | Hits: 5373
Recovery ride. We all see them on our training plans. Active recovery we are told is good for us. There are times I just can't be bothered to putter around for a hour. I'd rather just watch a movie. However, this week I found something useful from Coach Veal on my plan:

Easy day - Moderate spin - 1hr+ I want this be an active recovery day. This means you get a ride in but your do not over extend yourself that your toast for the following workouts. I want you getting on your bike to build habits and work on your aerobic conditioning but I want the cadence higher than normal and I want your getting off the bike feeling like you could have done more. Work on bending your elbows and riding as aero as possible. Bring in your knees and lower your head. These little changes will help your when the pace goes up or when your riding into a head wind. Try to hold your head up and look forward as much as possible during this ride. These rides are the best to practice changing your clothes. Removing arm warmers, riding with one hand while you are in your back pocket, drinking, eating, unwrapping a power bar. How about riding with no hands? Have fun and swerve all over the road. get used to having fun. Jump a curb or two...ride on the grass etc.... today is all about being a big kid AND working on raising your comfort level and improving your bike handling skills.

This one got me going. Try riding with no hands? Ok. Practice taking the arm warmers off, reaching for the jersey pockets. Sure. I added one more item: hill repeats done as slowly as possible. I spend 7 mins climbing a hill that normally takes 2 mins. Good practice for riding slow.

Thus, I used the recovery ride to practice skills I never get a chance to try out. Something to consider doing if you have trouble getting out on a short easy spin.