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On reading the latests Science of Sport blog article, I came across a link to information suggesting that cycling is six times safer than living. The original article is in Ken Kiefer's Bike Pages in the article discussing the Dangers of Cycling.

Both articles make light of some stats that were dug up:

Deaths per million hours:

Skydiving - 128.71
General Flying - 15.58
Motorcycling - 8.80
Scuba Diving - 1.98
Swimming (presumably competitive) - 1.07
Snowmobiling - 0.88
Motoring - 0.47
Water skiing - 0.28
Bicycling - 0.26
Airline Flying 0.15
Hunting 0.08

The data was compiled apparently by compiled by Failure Analysis Associates, Inc and on the surface suggests cycling is 6x safer than living based on millions of hours spent duing the activity.

While the statistic is interesting and makes for a great headline, one has to consider than a 80 year old person only lives some 700,000 hours. How many hours of that are actually spend cycling? Thus, real world application of the statistic may be limited. But, if nothing else, it can make for a good topic of conversation on the next group ride.

That said, I do not intend to make light of the fact that cycling is exercise and the risk of dying from heart disease or simular problems is lessened by cycling or any form of exercise that gets the heart rate up is greatly decreased. Myself, I lost some 70lbs by eating better and riding my bike.

Check out the links above. They make for some interesting reading.


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