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  • Racing the Provincial's Crit 2014

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  • Winning the Sprint at the ForestCity Velodrome

  • Track Nationals 2014: Keirin

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  • OCUP #1: Feb 2015

This is one of those stories that is incredibly inspirational. Matt Hoover was a contested on second two of The Biggest Loser. He won the contest by losing some 157lbs. Last weekend, he completed the Ironman Kona in 17:03:35 - less than four minutes short of being able to say he is an Ironman. Considering the guy is still 250lbs and could not swim across the pool when he started, this is one hell of an achievement.

This rings true to me as someone that dropped 70lbs and became on of the faster cyclists in the D'Ornellas Racing Team club. My first group ride with the club in March 2009 saw me get dropped some 15kms into a 120km ride. When we did the century to Niagara Falls, I was third on the climb up the Hamilton mountain and managed to keep up with the fastest in the club. During the Learn to Race course I participated in a June 2009, I managed to place in the top three in almost all races they ran. A year prior I was 265lbs and had a hard time getting up the 5% hill that runs near out house. Even through I was unfortunate enough to crash out in June, I will be back in the coming year looking to improve on my performance and to complete the year crash-free.

I hope Matt is successful in his endeavours to become an Ironman. Read more about Matt's store HERE and check out the audio interview HERE.


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