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Details: Category: Cycling | Published: 16 June 2009 | Created: 26 November 2014 | Hits: 7715
Make sure the group knows you're forming an Echelon before starting one.
Echelon (aka Single Paceline) riding is a great way to maintain a higher then average speed with a reduced effort. If done properly, can be a similar experience to listening to Beethoven 4th with Bose headphones.

If it is not done correctly, it can be dangerous and the group will be all over the pace and create sling shots.

It is not about how fast you can go, it is about team work and everyone will benefit from coordination.
Most of our rides involve the rotation of riders by a simple echelon formation especially on the way back to the shop. This generally means the person leading on the outside right moves forward to inside left (and vice a versa if the wind is coming from the right) and the person behind them becomes the new leader on the right side. If you're not sure how this works then take note and watch the people in front of you. ASK, Always retire to the back of the bunch. Everyone can have a turn on the front even if only for a short time. Always change when it is safe, particularly when riding 2 abreast, safe spots may need to be found so to avoid getting motorists upset.

  • When you're the last wheel, call it out.
  • When approaching a hill, if it is steep, hold your spot till you reach the top. if it is a mild grade, you can rotate through.
  • If your at the front and cannot hold the hill, Call it out, let the rider beside you know and let those around you move through in an orderly fashion.
  • As always, when approaching a hill, back off a bit and hold the group together, if you're at the front, you are the leader of the peloton and it is your responsibility to keep the group together.
  • If you want to sit in the sweet spot. call it out so other riders know you're not in the formation. (we will soon know who you are)
  • Make a mental note of the speed of the Echelon so when you get to the front, you maintain that speed. Reduce your cadence slightly to fall into place.
  • When you are pulling into the lead, listen for riders who may tell you it is clear or to slow down or ease up. 
Keep the group together nice and tightIt is a group effort. If you are constantly getting yelled at, talk to the ride leader as there may be something you're missing and don't feel embarrassed as it does take practice.