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Wed. Feb 13, 2013 was a day I had planned to head to the track for the usual track workout. However, someone in the world had completely other ideas. It is a day I will not forget.

Around noon that day, I jumped in the car to run some errands. I had noticed some twinge in my right thigh. The only think I had been doing in the morning is working at my computer. It is what I do for a living. I spent a hour driving around and getting and out of the car. It was getting progressively harder to do so as the pain in my leg was getting more intense. By the time I got home about a hour later, I had problems walking up the stairs. I started to recall what it was like back when I broke my leg in 2009 and had to learn to walk again. At this point, the pain was intense enough I was starting to question going to the track, so I phoned up the doctor for an appointment thinking I would get something that afternoon. A half an hour later, I gave up on that idea (of going to the track). If you have every had a cramp in your leg, think of what it would feel like if the cramp never went away. That is the pain I felt. So, I dragged myself into the car and drove myself to the hospital. I grabbed my crutches that I saved from 2009 incident thinking I might need them. I was concerned that a screw holding the plate in my leg came out and was causing the pain. I was not looking forward to that conclusion because that would mean emergency surgury to have the plate removed, and spending this summer learning to walk again.


I spent some time in emerg. As always, I had brought a book with me to read, but the pain made it too difficult to concentrate. My son later joined me that afternoon. I had an X-Ray and an Ultrasound because no one understood how a muscle problem could attack so quickly. After the only six hours in emerg in extreme pain could confirm was it wasn't a loose screw (in the leg) and may be a torn muscle. I met with the specialist the next day and he confirmed what the Radiologist suspected, but given the quick presentation of the problem, he prescribed an MRI. Apparently, torn muscles happen from injury, and not from sitting in front of a computer.


The problem managed to resolve itself over the week following. I had to resort to walking with crutches, but I found that walking improved the movement and reduced the pain. A week later I was riding my bike on the trainer, and that caused a good stretch in the muscles. It was 1.5 weeks later, and I wasn't experiencing any issues. Today, I'm fine except for some bruising that seems to have popped up. I credit riding the trainer for making the left feel better.

MRI. I have read about brain scans done with a MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging). I never thought about that it could be done on any part of the body. After some "fun" (the hospital lost the first MRI requisition), I managed to schedule the MRI for today. Because of the left over bruising, I kept the appointment just in case.

I can say without a shadow of a doubt it was one of the most painful thing's I have done in a while. At the track, when one does 20 min efforts on the blue line at 42km/h on a sunday, one's butt gets sore and one's hands go numb - that is easy. I spent a hour in that MRI machine suffering these problems and I was told the entire time so stay still. It was kind of like doing a hard workout when you do not know when it is going to end, and you are in so much pain, but you have to push on. When it was done, I couldn't feel my right hand and my butt hurt.

It is almost one month to the day since I had the first sign of the "problem". I've returned to training, strength training, and riding my bike. Today, on the way out of the MRI room, the technician asked me if I did still did weights. I answered in the affirmative. She suggested that I "take a break"...whatever that meant.

So, I am not a happy camper. While I don't feel any residual effects from the "problem", I can only guess that the "problem" isn't fixed. Now onto the specialist. Still no one really knows what the problem was. I think the best explanation I have been given after an assessment by Dr. Thomas Lam of FITS Toronto. He suggested someone has a voodoo doll of me and jammed a pin it's leg. I do not know who I p*ssed off.  

I think it's time to buy a hand cycle. Anyone have one for sale? With my luck, the specialist will tell me to lay off the legs for a few months. 

UPDATE: I called to get an appointment with the specialist to review the results of the MRI. April 30 is the first available appointment. There isn't much of anything wrong with my leg now, so 6 weeks from now, there will certainly be nothing wrong. This has been a complete waist of my time. Oh well, I'm going to get the CD with the images from the XRay, Ultrasound, and MRI anyways for my own purposes. You have to love out health care system.


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