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[Updated: April 22, 2012]

This morning I got out of bed at the hotel room in Calabogie and I have a feeling it, I know not why, I would be involved in a crash at the race. I put the thought aside and forgot about it. I was set to race the Calabogie Speedway for the second OCUP race of the season in Calabogie, ON

It was the first time racing the Calabogie Speedway. I skipped the race last year. My rule is never race a course you have never ridden, so I managed to sneek into the course before the race for a lap. 20 turns is a technical course, but with no yellow line or yellow line rule, there should not have been a problem. Of course, this is M3 and the pack is filled with seasoned racers that just haven't podiumed to the guy that just got a new carbon bike and freshly minted racing license. That said, it's the catagory I am in. Coach Veal today told the S3 team while I was standing around to get used to the bumping and wheel bashing. That's racing. I have also been told in Europe, agresive racing is the norm. 

The race went well. I planned to stay sheltered in the pack until the last two laps and then move up to the front staying at the front over the last few turns of the race. My only regret was I didn't do what would have done last year and just have gone to the front. Stay 1-5 guys back, and hammer it to the finish. I didn't stay close enough to the front...and the result was in this shaky race was a crash. A guy (#145) just off to the side of me on the inside clipped the wheel of the guy in front of him (#102) and in the process took out 6-8 guys. The end result was two bikes (including my new Red Vitess) broken and the race pretty much over for the rest.

However, I raced with my camera in my bike again. So, because the crash happened in front of me, I have the entire thing on video. Below is the resultant video that highlights the crash.  I never had a chance. None. Nada. The only way I could have avoided the crash was to be in front of it. From the time #145 clipped the guy's wheel until I was down was about three seconds. I had no time to react.

I guess I should have stayed in bed (but that wouldn't have been any fun).


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