• Bloomer Park, Rochester Hills, MI

  • Racing the Provincial's Crit 2014

  • Forest City Velodrome - London, ON

  • Larkenville Challenge, Buffalo, NY

  • Winning the Sprint at the ForestCity Velodrome

  • Track Nationals 2014: Keirin

  • Track Nationals 2014: Points Race

  • OCUP #1: Feb 2015

March Training Camp

March Break in 2016 is March 14-18. Training camp will be held from from March 12 to 19 for one week. The training camp is suitable for those interested in racing and for those interested in just riding in the warm weather. The focus will be riding and rides will be no-drop. For those interested in racing, we will do the Windemere ride and take in the Florida Sunshine week races in Tampa on March 19 and 20. Info on racing is here: http://floridacycling.com/index.php/news

We have a house located just south of the Clermont area around the junction of Hwy 27 and Hwy 192 and 20 min from Disney. Space is limited, so we suggest booking ASAP. This is a four bedroom house with rooms with two single beds, rooms with queen and king size beds along with pull out coaches, multiple bathrooms, large kitchens, and a pool to cool off in.

The fridge in the house will be stocked with milk, juice, eggs, etc. and items generally needed for breakfast. You will be responsible for lunch and dinner either preparing your own food in the kitchen, sharing expenses with other participants, or going out to eat. If everyone agrees, I will looking to catering the last meal each week of the trip to make it easier on everyone.

The cost of the training camp will be $375/wk for accommodation and guide lead training rides for shared accomodation in  a house. We can make arrangements so you can bring your spouse if you want. You can send them off to explore Disney in the morning with you ride, and get together with them in the afternoon. I should mention most other training camps charge around $700+ for one week, so this camp is a deal. That said, if we can reduce the cost of the trip or throw in free meals, we will. The cost includes breakfast food. We will stock the fridge with eggs, milk, juice, and put things like cereal and oatmeal in the cupboards. Lunches and dinner are on you.

Rides will be available in advance with TCX files for your garmin. Rides will be lead by me. I've been to the Clermont area a few times and have good idea of the cycling routes.

Getting there: I suggest driving. It will probably be cheaper than flying especially with a bike. However, we can coordinate pickup from one of the two Orlando Airports if required at an additional expense. Bookings are Sat to Sat. You can arrive anytime and leave anytime within your allowed week.

I have experience building bikes and can assist anyone flying in with the build and tear down of their bike. Eon D'Ornellas lives in the area, and we may be able to enlist his assistance if required.

Fitness level: You will be expected to ride at 28km/h in a pack. Stronger riders will spend more time on the front. If you can do your regular club ride, you will fit in with us. Faster riders will be encouraged to do the Windmere ride and race on the weekend.

Racing: There is a circuit race in the park not far from the house some participated in last year. If the race is running, we will do it again. There is also the local Windmere Ride which runs Wed's and Sat's. If you know what the Toronto Donut Ride is, then, this ride is harder and faster depending on who shows up. Two Ontario U19 riders last year blew the pack apart. If you are into racing, then you need to do this ride.

Interested? Please email info at hackcycling.com and complete the BOOKING FORM. The full $375 is required, and your signed waiver is required to confirm participation. Please do not book flights we have received your deposit and confirmed your participation.





Purpose of Training Camp

Going to training camp in the spring? Are you going to train or to ride your bike up long climbs and drink beer? Most training camps are set in North Carolina along the Blue Ridge Mountains and consist of lots of long rides with long climbs. I ask you: how is this representative to the riding you do in Ontario? If you are just training to get ready for a summer of weekend group rides, then long 15km+ climbs nothing like the roads in Ontario. If you are racing, the longest climb on the OCUP roster is 8km in the Grey Country RR....and most of Ontario races are dead pan flat in comparison to the Carolinas. Early season training camp is about getting back on the bike after a winter of training indoors and remember how to ride your bike on the road. Hills? Hills have little to do with it.

Why Florida?

After spending a week in Florida in February 2014, I found NC too cold to be enjoyable. Florida was 25C all week. No arm warmers required. The roads around Clermont, FL - just outside of Disney - resemble Ontario. Everyone thinks the only hills in Florida are highway overpasses, and this is not the case. Roads in and around Clement are either flat or rolling hills. Sugar Loaf Mountain Road is a punchie 3min climb that hits 12% and resembles the Brimley Rd climb out of the Scarborough Bluffs in Toronto. So, there are hill repeats available if you want that.

Also, consider the weather. In February and March the Clermont area temperatures are 20-30C. You will arrive and immediately have to put on shorts. You will be riding in your cycling kit and arm warmers won't be required....even at 9am. Florida is farther south so it's just nicer weather. After a hard winter in Toronto with temps around the freezing mark, it really feels strange to be able to ride without any layers. It is a great feeling. Nevermind, on our rides, we will stop and pick oranges and tangerines from the trees.

We will ride to Disney to take photos. Disney is 10 mins away. The attractions in Orlando are 30 mins away. If you bring your spouse, you can ride in the morning while the spouse takes in the fun. You need not compromise between riding and involving your significant other.

For those into racing, racing in Florida starts in January. So, by March there are usually races every weekend. The local club runs a 20km TT every Tuesday at the Orlando airport. If you have ever done the Toronto Donut Ride, then you will be happy hammering it out on the Windermere Ride....which apparently, is faster than the Donut Ride. My plan is to take in at least one race while in Florida to test the racing legs and do the Orlando TT at least once. By all means, you don't have too.

For triathletes,  Clement National Training Center has a pool and running track so you can do your entire set of workouts. There are also trails close to the house to be able to get in your run after a ride. There is the perfect area to train for that big early season race.

Four time Olympian, Eon D'Ornellas calls Clermont home during the winter months, and we will also connect with him to tap into his knowledge of the area and or training in general. Motor pacing will be available from Eon at an additional cost. 

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