• Bloomer Park, Rochester Hills, MI

  • Racing the Provincial's Crit 2014

  • Forest City Velodrome - London, ON

  • Larkenville Challenge, Buffalo, NY

  • Winning the Sprint at the ForestCity Velodrome

  • Track Nationals 2014: Keirin

  • Track Nationals 2014: Points Race

  • OCUP #1: Feb 2015

France 2016

We recommended Air France. This time we will be working with a travel agent to get a group rate. We make this recommendation based on the cost of the flight and cost of transporting your bike. While you can find cheaper flights, usually this means they charge a lot more for your bike box. You can take any airline you choose, but in order to be transported from the Toulouse airport to Limoux, you must be arrive and be ready to go by noon local time on Saturday, July 9. The airport shuttle we have arranged will only make one trip to the airport and it is about a 220EU cab ride to Limoux.

It is important to book your bike box when you book your flight. Do not expect to be able to take your bike on the flight by showing up at the airport. With a large number of cyclists travelling, your bike make not make it there at the same time you do. At the very least, you MUST call the airline a minumum  of a month in advance to book your bike onto the plane. Currently, cost of the bike box is $150 each way. Air France says you cannot pay for the bike box online, by that is not true. Pay for it as extra luggage, and usually they forget to charge extra for it when you get to the airport.

We are looking at providing a group rate for flights. However, Air France requires a minimum of 10 people to offer the group rate. The current itinerary for flights and cost is as follows:

Air France=$1066.00 plus tax $611.47=$1677.47cad

Fri Jul 08 dep Toronto 18:35 arr Jul 09 Paris 08:05

Sat Jul 09 dep Paris 09:35 arr Toulouse 10:55

Sat Jul 23 dep Toulouse 10:35 arr Paris 12:05

Sat Jul 23 dep Toulouse 13:55 arr Toronto 16:10

Below is the intended itinerary. We will ride everyday except for Saturday, July 19. Generally, rides start at 9am in Limoux allowing you to get a pre-ride Cafe. Rides tend to end around 1-3pm and the afternoon is available for a nap, lunch in the town square, arranging a tour of a local winery, swimming or canoeing down the Aude river, or swimming in the local pool, or just relaxing in front of the TV to watch the day's tour stage.

Rides are scheduled subject to riders abilities, but in previous years, newer riders did not have difficulty riding the longer 100km rides because there is always a cafe to stop at near the half way point. Exact itinerary will depend on weather and availability of our support driver/vehicle.

Friday, July 8

  • Leave Toronto (or your closest Airport)

Saturday, July 9

  • Arrive in Toulouse and be driving to Bouriege. Arrive in Bouriege approximately 5pm.
  • Dinner will be provided
  • Assemble our bikes ready for the morning ride

Sunday, July 10

Monday, July 11

Tuesday, July 12

  • Ride to Axat and back (80km) (easy day for the big ride Wed)
  • Watch the Tour on TV

Wednesday, July 13

Thursday, July 14: Mt. Ventoux (tentative)

  • Early start today. Leave Bouriege at 6am. Drive to the base of the Mt. Ventoux. Arrive around 9am.
  • Ride up the mountain, and idea is to ride a portion of Stage 12 of the 2014 Tour de France
  • Leave Hautercam around 3pm and drive back to Limoux.

Friday, July 15

  • Easy ride today.

Saturday, July 16

Sunday, July 17

Monday, July 18

 Tuesday, July 19

  • Ride to Carcassonne and and visit the castle, have lunch and return.

Wednesday, July 20

  • Early start today. We leave 6am for ride to the beach. This will be a long day.
  • 100km ride to the beach, and be driven back or stay in a hotel and ride back (to be determined)

Thursday, July 21

Friday, July 22

  • Last Ride Day in Limoux!
  • 10 Hills Ride (MapMyRide: http://ridewithgps.com/routes/1428661) Stop in Bouriege.
  • Ideally, this ride will go off in two groups. Those looking to push themselves, and those looking for a more leisurely pace. 
  • Dissemble your bike for the trip to Paris or for the return home!

Saturday, July 23

  • Pack up for the flight to Paris.
  • Leave approximately 10:30 for a 1pm flight. Arrive in Paris around 2:30pm. At your hotel by about 4pm. Go eat at a Cafe in Paris!

Sunday, July 24: If staying in Paris

  • Get up early to secure your spot for the last stage of the TDF!
  • Watch the guys race around central Paris and enjoy the show!

Monday, July 28

  • Take a cab to the airport for the flight back home! or go have fun in Paris if you are staying longer.




Two weeks

Saturday July 9 to Saturday July 23




Saturday July 23 to ?

The costs is $1499CND per person per room in Bouiege. If you want to bring your spouse, add $749CND to cover the costs of airport transport, etc.. We don't penalize people for coming by themselves and wanting their own room. The costs are fixed but may change depending if the cost of the Euro changes drastically. The costs are based on 11 people on the trip. We need a minimum of seven to make it a go. We need your $200 deposit by Jan. 30 to confirm your are interested. The remaining deposit of $500 is due by Feb 14, 2016. All other funds are due by May 1, 2016.

If you can't make it for two weeks, you can come for as long as you want from the two days, but the cost is the same largely because we have arrange for special airport transport to and from the airport. Last time, a few people wanted one week, and stayed for two, and they were happy they did. 

The fee includes your room in Bouriege, transport to and from the Toulouse airport, shuttle service from our own vehicle around the area, two supported rides, tip for our local driver, and a food supplement fee to cover basic food for the houses (covers milk, cereal, oatmeal, juice, yogurt, pasta, pasta sauce, and fruit). The food supplement fee means you never have to worry about the basics. We will provide them. 

You will be responsible for airfare, food outside the basics, and accommodation, food, transport, etc. in Paris.

We need your $200 deposit by Jan. 30 to confirm your are interested. The remaining deposit of $500 is due by Feb. 31. I will offer a $100 discount for anyone placing a deposit selling the trip to another guest (discount applies to the final deposit). Final deposit will be required by May 1, 2014. All deposits are final. No refunds. Please buy travel insurance to cover the "in case you can't make it" possibility.

For your information, airfare is about $1200 if booked during the Air France seat sale in January/February. We will be using a travel agent to get a group rate from Air France. You will have to add about $300 to cover the cost of the bike box. It is a good idea to book the bike onto the plane when you book your ticket. In Paris, the cost of leaving your bike at Left Luggage is 30EU per day. So, if you want to stay for the week in Paris, you might consider taking your bike to your hotel room in a cab. An alternative may be to ship the bike back from Bouiege via a courier. Please check the Air France website for details.

Food costs are about $300-$450EU depending if you eat in or eat out. We will be managing trips to the local markets to get help get food for the house. We will do at least one BBQ on the outdoor grill.


Limoux (2 weeks)






Spousal Supplement

$749CND (Two weeks) 

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