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Details: Category: Health | Published: 02 June 2015 | Created: 02 June 2015 | Hits: 3501

Years ago, when I moved to drop some 80lbs or more, I ended up doing something mostly by accident: reducing my sugar intake. By swearing off processed foods, eating in instead of out more of the time, and following most if not all of Michael Pollin's Food Rules, I ended up eating less sugar. However, most recently I discovered the ill effects of sugar and I have been more actively trying to cut it out of my diet (save the odd ice cream cone or danish in a bike ride).

Last night, I tried out a new recipe for energy bars from the Global Cycling Network. They used banana's instead of dextrose and other non-sugar type sweeters....and it worked. Check out that recipe on the GCN Youtube Channel.

Today, I stumble upon another no sugar added recipe: Skinny Chunky Monkey Cookies. I found that this recipe is highly adaptable and I made two versions: one with chocolate and one with (more) peanut butter. It seems to me, in this recipe, so long as one maintains the banana (sugar substitute) to peanut butter (oil substitute) to apple (acid and sugar substitute) ratios, it should work with any ingredients. The basic recipe calls for the oats to absorb any moisture during the baking process create a chewy cookie.

So, here are the two recipes came up with. The first one I wanted to try something other than chocolate so I used more peanut butter. In hindsight, I like this one better.

Peanut Butter Raisin:

Blend everything except the oats and raisins in a food processor until runny. Add the oats and process gently. REmove the top of the processor and stir in the raisins. Still the mixture until the oats are combines. Let rest for 20 mins to allow the oats to pull the moisture from the liquid. Place on a cookie sheet covered with wax paper. Use a teaspoon to drop the cookies on the sheet and a forks to press them down. Bake at 350 for 10-12 mins.

The second time around, I followed the Chunky Monkey recipes more closely:

I followed the same process but blended the nuts before the oats so they would get chopped up. Again, it worked. 

Because they have no sugar and resemble and energy bar, they are good for snacks and while out on rides. Of course, you sugar heads will probably take some getting used to them. They are no super sweet like normal cookies. But, they are far more healthy. Try it out. It's a great recipe.

 Update: on a side note, because the cookies contain no sugar, it's hard to burn them....they just get dryer the longer you leave them in the oven.